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Mold Testing and Mold Removal Solutions

Mold in the home can cause serious health problems and most homeowners don’t realize how prevalent harmful mold is; in addition to the bathroom and kitchen, mold can be found in the basement, attic, and crawlspaces. It’s estimated that of the 21.8 million people who suffer from asthma in the U.S., 4.6 million cases are caused by mold exposure at home.

Mold can grow on almost anything in the home: the carpet, furniture, walls, clothing, floors, grout, etc., it can be incredibly dangerous. It can also be surprisingly difficult to detect. Mold can seem “invisible” if it’s growing behind walls or beneath surfaces, but even if mold is hidden from the naked eye, it can still have an adverse effect on the respiratory system.

At MSR, we’re experts in identifying and remediating mold growth in and around the home. We’ve been working with homeowners and real estate professionals in the area for years to eliminate mold problems and help homeowners maintain a safe, mold-free environment. We tackle mold and moisture problems at the source, so that once we’ve finished our job, you won’t see the same issues come back over and over again.

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